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Flavors Not to Blame for Teen Vaping

The CDC conducted a survey in 2019 and found that teens are not attracted to vaping because of flavored e-liquids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the results of the National Youth Tobacco Survey last week to little fanfare from mainstream media outlets. No surprise there..

Blame Curiosity

When asked what it was that attracted them to vaping, the majority of young adults answered it was simple curiosity. Flavored vapes or e-liquid was the answer of around 22% of respondents, which was about the same percentage of teens who said that they enjoyed vaping because they could do tricks.

The top four reasons young people gave for why they started vaping according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey:

“I was curious about them” (55.3%)

“Friend or family member used them” (30.8%)

“They are available in flavors, such as mint, candy, fruit or chocolate” (22.4%)

“I can use them to do tricks” (21.2%)

The Kids Are Alright, Parents Not So Much

Flavors and marketing practices making e-cigarettes sexy and fashionable were the two pillars that many parents, health experts, and government officials blamed for vaping skyrocketing among young people. Of course, none of these concerned groups bothered to ask young people why they vaped. They only projected their theories onto them.

Until now.

Too Little Too Late?

The release of the results of the NYTS come after:

The FDA imposed a partial ban on flavored vape cartridges excluding menthol and tobacco

Eight states – Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington – have proposed banning flavored cartridges

Three states – Rhode Island, Utah, Washington – have bans already in effect, while prohibitions in other states are currently fighting legal challenges

The New York State Supreme Court recently granted an injunction to prevent a proposed ban on flavored vapes from taking effect. Governor Cuomo said that he would introduce a bill in the state legislature to ban flavors anyway, citing “unscrupulous vaping companies” who “target” teens with flavors.

Despite the release of not one, but two, CDC studies – the other lays the blame for the EVALI outbreak squarely on Vitamin E acetate – that directly contradict the hysteria surrounding the last few months, not a peep has been made about this by the media. Elected officials, concerned parents groups, public health experts have also not commented on the CDC’s findings.


But, of course, all the interested stakeholders in the vaping debate would not comment on the CDC’s findings. Doing so would mean walking back all their now-defunct arguments about evil vaping companies trying to addict their kids to nicotine with flavors like cotton candy and bubblegum.

It seems strange that people believed only teenagers are attracted to flavorful things as if taste buds disappear as you get older. Isn’t it possible that adults also enjoy cotton candy and bubblegum? Or do grown-ups only eat or drink things that taste like tobacco and menthol?

Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

The three states that have flavor bans in effect do not say how long the bans will last. The CDC also reported that the cases of EVALI have dropped. The agency, though, is still cautioning young people and pregnant women from vaping.

Juul has already restricted the sale of all its flavor pods save for the menthol and tobacco flavors, so no word on when Mango and Creme Brulee will be back in the mix. While the FDA instituted a ban on all flavors, the act applies only to pre-filled cartridges, because apparently, the kids do not like open tank systems.

Much was made about how “flavors” were what attracted kids to vaping. It was spoken about as if it was a given. No one ever presented any evidence that this was the case, and now that there is evidence, no one is talking about it. The reasoning that flavored vape cartridges somehow “targeted” minors was always flawed, now we have the data to back it up.

But who knows if people will listen.

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The Vaper Expo 2020 London: The truth comes out

This weekend was the Vaper Expo and what an expo it was. Unfortunately a combination of events impacted on the turnout. Storm Dennis, trees hitting trains and coronavirus scares meant only the determined and faithful came to the vape show. 

One positive that did come from the low turnout was the ability to have more in depth conversations with the end consumer about which flavours they liked, what they were hoping to see in the future and which flavours weren’t hitting the mark. Everyone’s taste buds and flavour preferences are different but it’s easy to see a trend when the majority of people are saying the same things.  As you know it can be hard to get good feedback from customers so we found these conversations very enlightening and encouraging. 

The three ranges on display were AbsolutionPlanet Slush and Rock Salts

The list of flavours for Absolution were a winner. There wasn’t a single customer that wasn’t impressed with the sheer size of the range (20 flavours in all) and the imaginative but familiar flavours. Jam Donut, Lemon Cheesecake and Berry Crumble caught everyone’s eye and they weren’t disappointed when they tried them out with Jam Donut being many peoples favourite. Once intrigued by the range we introduced them to another wave other flavours. Fizzy Blue Bottles was a real time machine, taking everyone back to their youth. Salted Caramel was another one that people loved. 

“The lemon is just perfect and the cakey after taste is the best I’ve tried” 

Another favourite from the Absolution range was Pink Lemonade. Even if the customer initially said they preferred fruity or cakey flavours this particular juice was usually added to the purchase list. There was no particular feedback other than they really liked it and hadn’t found a lemonade flavour they’ actually liked before. The positive reception of the drink flavour allowed us introduce other juicy flavours like Ruby Mango, Sour Apple, Cherry Cola, Tropical Crush and Black Currant Bina. Ruby Mango and Tropical had a mixed reception but Cherry Cola and especially Black Currant Bina were a real surprise to many customers and comments like 

“This could be may regular vape! I could drink this alll day!”  

The pierce de la resistance was always the Red and Blue Slush which widened everyone’s eyes. It was impossible for them to hide their enjoyment, calling for their pals to try out this new slush flavour that had blown their taste buds to kingdom come. It was a conscious decision to end the Absolution tour on the Slush Twins as 1. Always finish on high note 2. A great segway to the Planet Slush Range. 

The 6 flavour range was simply a hit with everyone. The branding was eye catching and people commented on the styling straight away. As a personal favourite (and as the weekend progressed it proved to be everyone’s favourite) we started with the Raspberry Slush which was 

“out of this world!”

From then on it was plane sailing. Blueberry and Mixed Berry were both enjoyed equally while many folks were pleasantly surprised by the Strawberry Slush.

“I can’t usually find a Strawberry flavour that I like but this so lush”

Peoples reception of Watermelon Slush was 50/50 with lots of customers “not keen on watermelon flavours in general” so were unwilling to trial it, while other who were surprised with the quality of the Strawberry were happy to try a flavour they wouldn’t usually go for. Those that tried it said very similar things. 

“I usually find watermelon flavours really synthetic but this is just juicy and authentic!”

There were two main types of customer. Those wanting short fill full flavour sub ohm liquids and then the Nic Salt customer. The 14 flavour Rock Salt range was enough to peek their interest and they usually knew which flavours they wanted to try. Tropical Kiss, Electric Blue Slush and Rainbow Candy seemed to be everyone’s starting points. Rainbow Candy was easily the peoples favourite with Ziggy Blue Bottles a close second with Tropical Kiss and Black Currant Sabbath joint third. This is not discounting the rest of the range as no one disliked any of the flavours and simply enjoyed some flavours more than others. People usually opted for the 20mg. 

One interesting trend we found was although the customer groups for nic salts and sub ohm were clearly defined we were able to introduce sub ohm flavours to nic salt customers quite easily, but the same could not be said for the other way around. 

Overall, although the show was quiet and the turn out could have been much better, the truth came out and Alfa Labs continues to create winning e liquids for the masses. 

If you are a store and want to stock our range of e-liquids please contact us direct at .

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5 tips for becoming an eco friendly vaper

How is your New Years resolution going? Last year my resolution was to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. That lasted for 3 weeks. This year I’m trying to be more eco-friendly. Switching from smoking to vaping is obviously a massive step in helping the environment due to the the materials and chemicals in them. 

“Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When tossed into the environment, they dump not only that plastic, but also the nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals they’ve absorbed into the surrounding environment. (National Geographic)” but even after ditching smoking there is more we can do.

1. Recycle your batteries

Most batteries are now rechargeable but one day it will reach the end of it’s life. When it does, don’t throw it away, recycle it. Here’s a handy tool to find where to drop off your old batteries

2. Reduce single-use devices

If you vape frequently try to use a refillable vaping device. Single use, or disposables (you’ll find them in your local or petrol station) might be useful in an emergency but they put a strain on the environment. 

3. Reuse Liquids

Taste is subjective, and that applies to e-liquids as well and what’s even more annoying, taste can change. I can love a flavour for a few weeks and then decide it’s not for me and that’s how I end up with half filled shortfills. The worst thing you can do at this point is to throw them away or empty them own the drain. E-liquid can be hazardous to children and animals; putting a bottle in the bin could lead to it being found and drunk.Also, resist the urge to empty the juice down the drain. We simply don’t know if this has any effect on our waterways.

Instead of wasting the vape juice, save it for family or friends. The amount of times people have popped over for a cuppa and “forgot” their e juice at home. That’s when I dive into my drawer and introduce them to my past loves.  Most of my family and friends vape so I can usually find someone who is happy to take a near-full bottle of e-liquid off my hands, for free. Also try mixing some of your old flavours together. You’ll be amazed how a drop of menthol can make an old flavour a new exciting flavour.

4. Safely Dispose

Sometimes you have to throw it away (don’t become a hoarder) but do it in the most environmentally friendly manner. 

The safest way to dispose of unwanted e-liquid is to empty it onto an absorbent material such as cat litter or sawdust, popping it into a compostable bag, and disposing with your normal waste. Simple. You can pick up cat litter at most shops and saw dust is pretty cheap at your local DIY shop. I’ve even seen people giving it away on Gumtree.

5. Use Local Suppliers

Another way to be an eco-friendly vaper is to check with your chosen supplier where their products originate from and if they are manufactured in the UK. This helps by cutting down on air shipping and contributing to overall carbon emissions. 

With vaping hardware, that becomes a little trickier as most of it is manufactured outside the UK. However, you can still do your bit by making sure your device of choice is top quality. Reputable brands might cost a little more upfront, but their products will last you far longer meaning you won’t need to replace them as often.

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Marlboro maker teams up with Vice for vaping push

Philip Morris strikes £5m sponsored content deal to promote ecigarettes.

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International has teamed up with youth-focused Vice Media to promote vaping surprising health campaigners. 

Vice has agreed a deal with PMI (makers of Marlboro) to produce sponsored content endorsing ecigarettes, according to two people with direct knowledge of the arrangement. One said the deal would cost the tobacco group £5m and that the campaign was due to start in April.

The push comes amid a global regulatory clampdown on cigarette advertising, following decades of tobacco companies underplaying the risks of smoking and past industry practices of targeting younger consumers in an attempt to hook them at an early age.

Like other tobacco groups, the seller of Marlboro cigarettes outside the US has shifted focus to non-combustible nicotine products as traditional smoking wanes. PMI, the biggest cigarette company in the world by sales, said in an investor presentation last month that it expected “reduced-risk” products, such as its flagship IQOS device, to account for roughly 40 per cent of total revenues by 2025, up from just under 14 per cent, or $4.1bn, last year.

Read the original article at the Financial Times website

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CBD grows in popularity as Jelly Belly brand release CBD jelly beans.

Products containing the cannabis-derived compound cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD) are sweeping the country, and the creator of the US’ most iconic jelly beans has joined the trend.

Candy-maker David Klein, who created the world-famous Jelly Belly brand in 1976, has rolled out a line of CBD candy beans, targeting what he feels is a gap in current offerings for edibles.

Read the full article here on Forbes

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Vaping restrictions should be lifted in hospitals report

Restrictions on vaping on hospital grounds should be lifted, a pro-smoking group has said.

‘More than half (55%) of NHS trusts did not allow e-cigarettes to be used outdoors last year, according to a report by the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking (Forest).’

This is despite Public Health England (PHE) advice that it should be made easier for people to vape on site, the group said.

‘Forest is also calling for greater freedom for patients, visitors and staff who want to smoke cigarettes at hospitals.’

Freedom of Information requests were made to 200 NHS trusts in England by the organisation, 170 of which provided a response.

Around 45% said they allowed e-cigarettes to be used outside in 2018 and 11% of trusts, mainly specialising in mental health, permitted vaping indoors, the research found.

However 14% said they were planning to amend their policies in 2019 to allow vaping outside buildings, in shelters or in wards.

Read the full article here

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Alfa Labs at Vaper Expo Birmingham

The Alfa A Team were out in full strength for this May’s Vaper Expo at the Birmingham NEC.

Pleased to show to the vaping community Mule Fuel for the First time. Mule Fuel is 100ml 0% E Liquid in 5 great new flavors. People loved it. The flavor concept fits in well with the rest of the Alfa Labs range of excellent products.

“We had a great 3 day show” said Gareth Lupton “The amount of vape shops that want to stock our products is growing every week” He said with a great big smile on his face.

Give us a call or send us an email to become a wholesale customer of our great E Liquid

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Alfa Labs at Excel

Alfa Labs who manufacture E Liquid had a great show at the London Excel last month. The show although smaller than expected allowed old and new customers to see our range of new short fill products. We had a lot of fun during the weekend. lots of vaping was done 

Our new product ranges include


Loopy Juice


Love Pudding

Ministry of Custard


Oasis 10ml TPD E Liquid

Mule Fuel 100ml Shortfill

Please Contact us for further information on this fantastic range of products